Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome to the ITW 2008 Blog!

Dear Conference Attendees of the
IEEE Information Theory Workshop 2008 in Porto, Portugal:

This is YOUR blog!

Its goal is to provide quick dissemination of information and tips about our conference and about the city of Porto, including the best places to eat, sightseeing favourites, hidden treasures, funny stories, local secrets, nightlife opportunities, and everything you can think of.

The first entries will be provided by the local PhD students of the
Networking and Information Processing Group
of the Instituto de Telecommunicações and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Porto.

We will then send out a general login so that attendees can post entries themselves.

Enjoy the city of Porto and ITW 2008!

Best wishes,

João Barros


Eran said...


I'm looking for a nice Salsa club in Porto, any recomandations?


Kirill said...


The name Porto also appears as Oporto sometimes. They say it derives from the Portuguese "o porto", "the port". Who uses Oporto, and which one is "more correct"?


Pedro Brandao said...

To Kiril:

The only thing I know is that Oporto is the English "translation". And Porto the native one. Check wikipedia.

João Barros said...

To Kirill:

You are correct, "o" corresponds to the masculine article.

The local people use Porto and so do most people abroad.

Our airport code though is OPO...

Enjoy ITW,


Rui Prior said...

Regarding Eran's question for a nice Salsa club in Porto, there is the Muxima bar, located close to the Ramalde metro station. This google map shows its location.