Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Restaurant - Portucale

One of the best restaurants in Porto, with an amazing view over the city:

It can be a bit "heavy" on the wallet, depending on what you order, so beware :-) Worth every penny though.


pbrandao said...

I second that. Note however that the menu is mainly beef, but with very good different sauces.

Luísa Lima said...

Sorry Pedro, you're mistaking it for Portugália, it's not the same (not at all).
This one is traditional Portuguese food, but fine cuisine. The chef is one of the most well-known in Portugal ;-)

Pedro Brandao said...

Quite right. My mistake. As Luísa said I was referring to Portugália, here.

Tomás said...

Portucale have a magical atmosphere, comprised of antique pieces and reinforced by instrumental background music. The eyes are immediately drawn to the panoramic view of the city of Oporto. On one side, the sea; on the other, mountains and the old Oporto and river. The dining room is a classic setting full of interest: carved wood, tapestries, large wooden chairs with red leather, individual lighting at each table... All of this provides a relaxing environment with the best of Portuguese cuisine.