Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bridge D. Luís / Cais de Gaia

One of the best ways to enjoy a magnificent view of Porto and Ribeira, and to get in touch with part of the history of the city, is to walk across bridge D. Luís. On the right of it, if you're facing Gaia, you can see the remains of Ponte Pênsil, an old bridge that was to replace the one that collapsed in an event of the Napoleonic invasion (it was made out of wooden "barcas", which are small boats). There is a panel on the other side of the street that still has candles burning to mark the event. Oh, by the way, Napoleon couldn't conquer us :-)

When you arrive at the Gaia side, you can enjoy an amazing view of Ribeira, have some Port wine, and there are some restaurants with that fabulous view as well, in the "Cais de Gaia". It's impossible not to spot it!

Wikipedia has a nice summary on the history of Porto.

Cais de gaia has a website with a list of restaurants and activities.

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