Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Transport - Bus

If you're planning to take a bus and don't which one to get or where to get it...
You can use the STCP's (local council transport system) site.
They have an English versions where not everything is yet translated, but these aren't show stoppers.

Some translations (if needed):
  • Tipo: type (transport)
  • Destino: destination
  • Aguarde por favor: Please wait
  • Duração: total trip time
  • Tempo de espera: waiting time
  • Bilhetes: tickets
  • Passes: season tickets (usually monthly )
  • Recomendados: recommended
  • Tarifário: tariff
  • Custo: cost
  • Percorridas: traveled by (it is used to indicate the different zones the trip will pass through)
  • Transbordos: changes

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